Waverley Borough Council (WBC) is now responsible for allocation of further sites for housing within the Parish of Witley.  The total allocation for the Parish is a minimum of 480 by 2032.  To date consent has been granted for about 280 so as matters stand (April 2019) sites for a further 200 houses need to be allocated. 

The background to this is as follows.

Prior to Autumn 2017 the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) had conducted a community survey on the possible housing site options for Witley Parish (further details below).  The majority of the additional sites being proposed by Waverley BC for greenbelt removal in the LPP2 process were in the top 10 of most popular sites in the survey including Secretts, the 2nd most popular site in the WNP community survey. 

Using this feedback, combined with further individual site analysis, the Steering Group had hoped to identify the housing sites shortlist for further consultation.  By then and despite objections from the Parish Council, WBC had already proposed one strategic site (Milford Golf Course) in their draft Local Plan Part 1 (LPP1) for 180 houses (outline consent was granted for 200 homes on this site in February 2019).

At that stage the WNP process needed to propose sites for the further 300 houses that are required to be built in the Parish over the next 15 years. As the 25 site options were examined in more detail an increasing number of obstacles were identified by WBC and other statutory consultees that constrained the WNP’s ability to successfully shortlist their preferred housing sites including Secretts. Please see further information the WNP Update March 2018 - full details on housing allocation constraints

On the basis of these active constraints and the risk of spending considerable public money without achieving a ratified Neighbourhood Plan, the WNP team and Witley Parish Council reluctantly decide to ask Waverley BC to complete the allocation of housing sites for our neighbourhood area as part of Waverley's Local Plan Part 2 consultation process.

The WNP team and Witley Parish Council still believe that having a neighbourhood plan will bring significant benefits for Witley Parish residents, even if allocation of proposed housing sites is formalised via Waverley Borough Council. We continue to provide inputs to and formally respond on any public consultation from Waverley Borough Council through the LPP2 process.

Please download the full survey results document here WNP Possible Housing Development - Community Survey Results Sept 2017  

In summary:   

  • Most sites did not receive any ratings from more than 30% of the survey respondents. However Secretts and Milford Golf Club sites were rated by 90% or more of the survey respondents. 
  • 7 sites, including Secretts (200 new homes), were endorsed as a good choice for new housing by 30% or more of the survey respondents. 
  • 4 sites including Milford Golf Club (180 new homes) and Tigbourne Farm (153) in Wormley, were considered a bad choice by 30% or more residents. 
  • 15 of the 24 sites received more “good choice” than “bad choice” ratings.

A wide range of concerns were expressed about the impact of building 380 new homes (please see our WNP home page on Waverley Borough Council consultation on increasing this to 480 houses). Key concerns were: 

  • Access roads and junctions that are already congested. 
  • Increased traffic on the Haslemere and Petworth roads, and on Combe Lane Witley and Station Road Milford. 
  • The need to enlarge the car parks at Milford and Witley railway stations. 
  • Loss of green space and woodlands and encroachment on to the Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


WNP Housing Development Survey Results 2017

 *Please note WNP2 has been withdrawn from the WNP process by the landowner

For your continued reference the info pack on all the possible sites as at 2017 can be downloaded here WNP Possible Development Sites Info Pack Sept 2017  

The July 2017 Survey can be downloaded here WNP Proposed Development Sites Exhibition Survey July 2017  


The information collected in the information form will be used to assist in the preparation of the Witley Neighbourhood Plan and for no other purpose. By responding you are accepting that your response, and the information within it, will be made available to the public.