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Parish Christmas Tree Lighting Events - we'll be there ! 

Sat 25th Nov  Witley 6pm

Fri 1st Dec      Milford 7pm

Sat 2nd Dec    Brook 6pm 

WNP Team representatives will be attending the event - if you have any questions on the Witley Neighbourhood Plan please come and see us!  There will be a display on the possible development sites community survey results and next steps to plan creation in 2018


Possible Housing Development Sites - Survey Results 

Please go to our Possible Housing Development Sites page for the survey results from our July 2017 Possible Housing Development Sites exhibtion and survey.    


Waverley BC Local Plan Part 1

Milford Golf Course Site

This is the only strategic site in the Waverley BC Local Plan Part 1 proposed for the Witley Parish area. It was reviewed under the Public Examiner Inspection of the Local Plan Part 1 in June this year. During this process Witley Parish Council, WNP and local residents made representations about their concerns on this site. The final Public Examiners report is due later this year. At present WBC have agreed in principle to the development of the Milford Golf site. The plans put forward by the associated developer proposes 180 homes be built. Any development would still need to go through the formal planning process. Any continued concerns about this future development should now be directed to the Planning department at Waverley BC. 

New Waverley Borough Council Consultation  

Waverley Borough Council (WBC) have launched a further public consultation to cover the amendments that came out of the Public Examiner Review of the new WBC Local Plan Part 1. 

In their revised Local Plan Part 1, Waverley Borough Council (WBC) has increased Witley Parish’s allocation of homes to be built by 2032 from 380 to 480. The WNP Steering Group will be formally responding to WBC on this increased volume of housing as there is concern that Witley Parish is taking a large share of the overall increased housing allocation that WBC is being asked to cover. Importantly WBC are currently running a public consultation about this housing increase and other amendments covered in the Public Examiners review of WBC Local Plan Part 1. We encourage all people in Witley Parish to participate in this consultation.

Full details on how to participate are shown below. The consultation commenced on 8th September and on closes on 20th October 2017 at 5pm.  For more information please go to: www.waverley.gov.uk/consult   


Next Steps for WNP

 The NP Steering Group has started the process of assessing each of the sites put forward under the call for sites process. This will use robust planning criteria and will take account of the survey results. The process will take time as, in addition, we need to carry out the following actions:

• Take advice on environmental and other issues from various bodies such as Surrey Highways, Waverley BC, Natural England and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Board.

• Produce a Habitats Regulations Assessment. Because areas in and around the parish are either designated as, or in close proximity to the Wealden Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA), or are subject to other environmental constraints, we must assess whether any of the preferred sites for development will have an adverse impact on any environmentally sensitive areas. If the impact is shown to be significant, we will have to seek appropriate solutions to mitigate the use of these sites. This could, for example, mean that we need to plan to develop a new green space for public use within the Parish.

• We will then in conjunction with the Parish Council, come up with a preferred site list. This will then be discussed with Waverley BC. Once this has been done, a local consultation process will take place with residents and site landowners/agents. We will keep Parish residents informed of progress and will let you know when this next consultation process will begin.

Once the plan is complete, the Witley community will be given the chance to vote on the Witley Neighbourhood Plan, via a parish referendum. If more than 50% of those voting support the plan then Waverley Borough Council must bring it into force. All decision-makers will be obliged by law to take the Neighbourhood Plan into account when they consider proposals for development in the Witley Parish area. 

If you would like to get involved in the Witley Neighbourhood Plan project or have any comments or questions please contact info@witleynp.com

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