Possible Development Sites Review  

Between 8th and 12th July Witley Neighbourhood Plan Team held exhibitions at Milford Village Hall and Witley Chichester Hall for the community to review possible development sites to be included in the Witley Neighbourhood Plan.

If you missed these events the exhibtion survey and site maps are available to download here  WNP Proposed Development Sites Exhibition Survey July 2017

Full Site Info Pack for all 25 sites is also available here for further information WNP Development Sites July 2017 Information Pack

 Once complete please return to one of our drop points:

  • Witley Parish Council Office, Milford Village Hall, Portsmouth Road, Milford, Surrey, GU8 5DS
  • At the porch of All Saints Church, Church Lane, Witley, GU8 5PN

Please complete and return surveys by 31st July 2017.  


Summer 2017 Update

The Witley Neighbourhood Plan Team attended the village summer fetes in Witley Parish in May and June. We shared the feedback we had from surveys conducted in the last 6 months in Witley Neighbourhood Plan public meetings and via local schools. The feedback also included content from the the focus groups held in February and March this year with local community groups such as Health, Education and Business representatives.    


Next Steps

There will also be a further larger exhibition program held in the Autumn of 2017 laying out the overall community vision and development plan emphasis that the Witley Neighbourhood Plan will be proposing based on all the feedback from the Witley Parish Community received over the last two years. These exhibitions and related surveys will enable the whole of the Witley Parish Community to confirm the direction of the Neighbourhood Plan in its final stages of development as we target publication at the end of this year. Once the plan is complete, the Witley community will be given the chance to vote on the Witley Neighbourhood Plan, via a parish referendum. If more than 50% of those voting support the plan then Waverley Borough Council must bring it into force. All decision-makers will be obliged by law to take the Neighbourhood Plan into account when they consider proposals for development in the Witley Parish area.

Please see project timetable in documents section of this website 


 If you would like to get involved in the Witley Neighbourhood Plan project or have any comments or questions please contact info@witleynp.com


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