Autumn 2018 WNP Update 

We need your input on final policies! 

Our latest update on the development of the Witley Neighbourhood Plan will be landing on your door mat this month. The autumn Parish Newsletter provides all the details (you can download here WNP Update Autumn 2018 if you have not received your copy yet). 

We are now at the stage of asking the Witley Parish community to provide initial feedback on our proposed policies for the plan. Please complete the survey below so we can ensure the final policies include your priorities and views:

The survey closes on 30 November 2018.   

Paper copies of the survey are also available from the Parish Office at Milford Village Hall or download here WNP Policies Survey Oct/Nov 2018  for printing at home.  

If you would like to receive regular updates on WNP plan development please contact us on


Waverley Borough Council - more detail on proposed housing sites in Milford & Witley 

Waverley BC issued its first public consultation on Local Plan Part 2 on the 25th May with the consultation period closing on Monday 9th July 2018.

Please find the formal responses to this consultation that specifically refer to Waverley BC proposals relating : 

If you wish to review the original consultation document please see the links below:   


Village Fetes in May and June 

Thank you to everyone who popped into the WNP stand at the local fetes this summer. We continue to receive particular feedback on traffic levels in the parish and affordable housing needs. These will be included as key points for the first draft of the WNP document that we are expecting to issue for consultation in January 2019.       


Milford Golf Course Site - Public Exhibition Held - 22nd May  

The consultant team managing the planning application for the Milford Golf Course site held a public exhibition on 22nd May at Milford Golf Course. If you missed this event please contact Shaun Taylor from SATPLAN (contact for feedback form and information pack. All feedback must be given within 14 days of exhibition date based on guidance provided at event. The initial planning application is due for submission by SATPLAN by the end of June. We will keep you updated when this is live on the Waverley BC.  

We have previously advised that this is the only strategic site in the Waverley BC Local Plan Part 1 proposed for the Witley Parish area. It was reviewed under the Public Examiner Inspection of the Local Plan Part 1 in June 2017. During this process Witley Parish Council, WNP and local residents made representations about their concerns on this site. Despite these representations the Public Inspector's report, and therefore Waverley BC, have now ratified the proposed development of the Milford Golf site. The plans put forward by the associated developer proposes 180 homes be built. Any development would still need to go through the formal planning process. For more information please go to:   


Spring Update on Witley Neighbourhood Plan 

In Autumn 2017 we published the results of our community survey on the possible housing site options for Witley Parish. Using this feedback, combined with further individual site analysis, the Witley Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) team had hoped to announce by early 2018 the housing sites shortlist for further consultation. Waverley Borough Council (BC) has already proposed one strategic site (Milford Golf Course) in their draft Local Plan Part 1 (LPP1) for 180 houses. In addition, the WNP process needed to propose sites for the further 300 houses that are required to be built in the Parish over the next 15 years. As the 25 site options were examined in more detail with reference to other key stakeholders including Natural England (NE) and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Board, an increasing number of obstacles were identified that have constrained the WNP’s ability to successfully shortlist housing sites. Please see further information the WNP Update March 2018 - full details on housing allocation constraints (This information is also included in the Spring 18 Parish Newsletter that is being delivered to every household in March).

On the basis of these active constraints and the risk of spending considerable public money without achieving a ratified Neighbourhood Plan the WNP team and Witley Parish Council have very reluctantly arrived at the decision to ask Waverley BC to complete the allocation of housing sites for our parish area as part of their Local Plan Part 2 consultation process.

The WNP team and Witley Parish Council still believe that having a neighbourhood plan will bring significant benefits for Witley Parish residents, even if allocation of proposed housing sites is formalised via Waverley Borough Council. We will continue to provide inputs to and formally respond on any public consultation from Waverley Borough Council through the LPP2 process.

As a reminder on the results of the WNP community survey please see information here WNP Possible Housing Development - Community Survey Results Sept 2017   The majority of the additional sites being proposed by Waverley BC for greenbelt removal in the LPP2 process were in the top 10 of most popular sites in the survey. However as an additional update Secretts, the 2nd most popular site in the WNP community survey, are continuing to promote their site directly with Waverley BC through the LPP2 process.


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