About the scheme

Would you like to be able to cycle into Guildford and back on your own, but lack the confidence or ability to do so? If the answer is 'YES' then you should take advantage of the offer of FREE training from a local National Standards qualified cycling instructor.

Westborough Cycle Training Scheme is designed to provide free Bikeability style cycle training to the residents of the following areas of Guildford; Westborough, Stoughton, Park Barn and Surrey University Campus. The aim is to give cyclists the confidence and ability to cycle into Guildford and back using public roads.

Girl on a shopping bikeThe scheme is the brainchild of regular cyclist Terry Duckmanton. Terry is a passionate believer in the idea that cycling is a form of transport as well as a leisure pursuit. Terry dreams of the day when no-one thinks there is anything odd about getting on a bike to go to work, shopping, school etc.

The aim of this training scheme is to provide would be cyclists with the knowledge and confidence to be able to cycle on normal roads in normal traffic. The course will be based on Bikeability recommendations and tailored to the the individual needs of the trainees. Courses will take place on the familiar roads around Westborough building towards cycling from Westborough and into the town centre.

Training is available to all those living in the Westborough, Stoughton and Park Barn areas of Guildford. The University campus is assumed to be part of the catchment area.

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28 Hillview Crescent


07973 662 564