Timebanking - What is it all about?

Timebanking is about people helping each other to build a stronger community. Timebanking UK are working in partnership with Surrey County Council. We will be working with partners and communities to plan, design and implement a network of local time banks across Surrey to mobilise young people, older people, businesses and communities to give and receive support within their community. This sharing of community resources will be facilitated through a currency of time credits. Timebanking can help to remove young people’s barriers to participation, connect people within their community, improve wellbeing for all, and enable more older people to live independently at home in their community for longer. Timebanking values everyone as individuals with something to contribute. Together we firmly believe that the assets we all have are all we need to create a mutual social and support network using time as a currency. People will be able to make their own decisions, becoming givers as well as receivers of support. Building relationships and working in partnership is key to the success of this time bank network. Surrey time bank network will involve younger and older people at its heart but also maintain an open policy for all members of the community to join. Diversity is essential to ensure a wide range of offers and requests, using all 3 models of timebanking. Each time bank will ensure that all people swap and share skills, experience and knowledge, and that each and every person gains a positive and enjoyable experience which will enable the network to grow organically over time.

What is timebanking?

 One hour = 1 time credit
 Everyone’s time is equal.
 Everyone has assets and can make a contribution to their community or help someone.
 Giving and receiving skills, experience and interests.
 Person to person. Person with organisation. Organisations with other organisations.

We are looking for partners and stakeholders

Would you like to host a time bank? Or be part of your local working group?

WORKING GROUP - If you want to work in collaboration to create a time bank in your area where time is the currency, tell us you are interested and we will invite you to meet with us.

HOSTING - If you have some desk space and good access for local people, we want to hear from you.

We will be working in partnership with local groups, organisations and businesses to create a mutual support network which offers a variety of ways in which time bank members can earn and spend time.

What’s the offer from us to you?

 We will equip stakeholders and partners with the skills and knowledge to set up and plan each time bank.
 Timebanking UK (TBUK) will provide essential resources such as policies, procedures, start up documents and timebanking software.
 Each time bank base will have the opportunity to receive a small grant from Surrey County Council of between £200-500 to increase capacity, provide petty cash and any additional stationery items or local costs such as mobile phone or internet access.
 There will be regular workshops and training for those who want to share the role of coordinator for each time bank.
 Your time bank will be part of the regional network and the national timebanking network where you will receive newsletters and invites to national events via Timebanking UK. What we expect from you….
 Firm commitment to implement and develop the time bank that you will host in line with policy and best practice  Regular progress reports to tell us how things are going  Attendance at network meetings which we will organise
 To engage and involve your members and local people in the time bank

Contact: Timebanking UK (www.timebanking.org)

 Angela Butcher, Coordinator T: 07595 586432 E: angela@timebanking.org
 Sarah Bird, CEO T: 02393 079513 E: sarah@timebanking.org
 Sarah Ford, Commissioning T: 02082 132578 E: sarah.ford@surreycc.gov.uk
 Liz Tracey, Adult Social Care T: 020 8541 7020 E: liz.tracey@surreycc.gov.uk
 Jenny Smith, Services for Young People T: 07814 415 577 E: jenny.smith@surreycc.gov.uk

Getting adults with a learning disability into paid work

Families sometimes do not know how to go about helping their family member with learning disabilities into paid work so Mencap have produced a guide which offers valuable information.  
It includes sections on:
  • aspirations
  • myth-busting
  • steps to employment & getting started
  • self-employment
  • working with professionals and taking the lead
  • stopping work
  • other sources of help

Click here to read a copy

Surrey Local Assistance Scheme

This is a discretionary fund that will provide support for residents' immediate needs after a disaster or in an emergency, where no other options are available. The scheme will also consider support for people to establish or maintain a home in the community. For futher information please click here to read the e-leaflet or here for Frequently Asked Questions.

What can you do to be better prepared in an Emergency?

Some emergencies require evacuation, some require staying put – are you ready? Emergencies can and do happen. In recent years the UK has seen events such as heavy snow, flooding, utilities failures and fuel shortages.

Experience has shown that sometimes due to the scale of the emergency, the normal response provided by the emergency services and the local authorities can be delayed. On these occasions anything, which the local community can do to support both themselves and each other, will help to ensure the emergency is dealt with effectively and reduce its impact.

Surrey’s Local Resilience Forum has produced ‘packs’ to help you prepare for emergencies. These free packs can be found on the Surrey County Council website homepage (www.surreycc.gov.uk) search for Community Resilience. They contain useful checklists, contact numbers and tips on how you can be prepared.

A few simple steps you can take now to help ensure you are prepared for an emergency, include taking time to find out:

  • Where and how to turn off the water, gas and electricity supplies in your home
  • The emergency procedures for your children at school
  • The emergency procedures at your workplace
  • How your family will stay in contact in the event of an emergency
  • If any elderly or vulnerable neighbours might need your help
  • How to tune in to your local radio station.

If you would like any further advice on developing your own household or local community emergency plan then please contact the Surrey County Council Emergency Management Team on: sccemt@surreycc.gov.uk or tel 03456 009 009