The council meet as a full council on the third Monday of each month, with the exception of August. Additionally the council operate with three committees and will meet in addition to the day of the Full Council on dates and at times that circumstances dictate. The committees terms of reference and membership are stated below. The meeting dates may be varied on occasions but will be by public notice.



Planning Committee

The planning committee is responsible for the following matters:

  • receives details of all planning applications made that fall within the parish. The applications are considered along with any representations from parishioners and, if the committee consider it appropriate, make representations to Guildford Borough Council who are the planning authority.
  • to consider planning policy and reports from higher authorities and make representations where the committee consider appropriate.

Cllr. Sue Blewitt, Chairman

Cllr. Patricia Hughes

Cllr. Sue Gray

Cllr. Les Oakley

Cllr. Jenny Evans

Lighting and General Purposes

The Lighting and General Purposes Committee are responsible for the maintenance of parish property. This includes:

  • the Poyle Road Recreation Ground,
  • bus shelters,
  • village seating,
  • village centre hanging baskets,
  • management of Spoil Lane allotments 
  • trees in  areas of the village that are not maintained by other authorities,
  • play areas at the Poyle Road Recreation Ground and St. Paul's C/E Infant School
  • provision of supplementary litter and dog waste bins
  • provision of supplementary lighting

Cllr. Alison Carey - Chairman

Cllr. Sue Blewitt

Cllr. Alison Carey

Cllr. Sue Gray

Cllr. Patricia Hughes

Cllr. Jenny Evans

Finance, Policy and Administration Committee

The Finance, Policy and Administration Committee is responsible for the following matters:

  • preparation of the annual budget
  • to make recommendations to the full council for setting of the annual precept
  • to consider and recommend the financial reports provided to the full council for approval
  • to ensure that the financial records are properly maintained
  • to receive and approve applications for grant aid and prepare applications to Guildford Borough Council
  • to agree recommendations on council policy for the full council to approve
  • to commission new projects including all contractual arrangements
  • to ensure that the parish affairs are properly administered

Cllr. Patricia Hughes - Chairman

Cllr. Alison Carey

Cllr. Jenny Evans