This website is a resource for the people of Surrey. If you want to organise a celebration then this toolkit will help you. There are lots of reasons for having a celebration; traditional calendar events, community get-togethers, seasonal events and one off happenings. They all need planning, creativity and teamwork! We hope that you'll find some inspiring and useful information here that will help you feel confident as you plan, develop, and carry out your own celebrations.

The toolkit is a legacy of the Herald the Games project, which supported Surrey residents to create celebrations during 2012 for the London Olympics. In this toolkit you will find videos, images and testimonials of Herald the Games events, tips and tricks from arts practitioners, DIY Craft videos, how to make yourself Council friendly as well as ready made posters and leaflets that you can personalise for your event. We also point you in the direction of other resources that are already out there so that no question will go unanswered!

We wish you luck with your celebrations, now go for it!

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