One of the most powerful ways of extending your website is to allow other users to join it.

This allows you to offer extra features that can normally only be made available to website members. For example: 

  • Discussion forums and blogs: Any member of the public can read these on your site but only your members are able to post to them or add comments.
  • Photo galleries and file storage: Members of the public can view and download files and photos but you can allow your members to upload them as well. Your members can add comments to your photos.
  • Job vacancies and small ads: Again, anyone can read these on your site but your members are able to do much more including applying online for vacancies, uploading CVs and adding new small ads. 
  • Members only content: As the name suggests, only members of your website can view this. It can be as simple as a single page or it could be an fully featured mini website complete with all of the interactive applications such as discussion forums, photo galleries etc.

The system is very flexible and allows you to choose how you let people join your site and which features you make available to them.