SurreyCommunity is based on a content management system (or CMS). This makes it possible for anyone to create websites without having to understand technical issues like writing html or programming web applications.

However, the system also has some features that can be used more technical users:

  • HTML editing: The CMS controls the layout of your website's pages (elements like the header, footer and navigation menu) but you can directly edit the html for the main content of each page.
  • CSS styles: The look of your site can be customised by adding your own css. You can supplement the existing css or completely replace it. 
  • Javascript: Javascript can be added inline to pages to add extra functionality.
  • Embedded content: Content can be embedded on your pages from other sites such YouTube or Flickr.
  • Domain names: If you have your own domain name, it can be associated with your SurreyCommunity site.

You can find out more details about these and all the other features of the system on our help pages