Tatsfield Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan will influence and direct development in the parish over the next 15 years.  The plan will be able to allocate land for various uses, including residential and commercial development, and the provision of recreation space to ensure that the needs of the parish are met.

The deadline for sending responses to the Tatsfield Parish Clerk was Sunday, 31st March 2019.


The deadline for sending responses to the Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee was Thursday 28th February 2019.


 General comments can still be emailed to:


When making a comment, please indicate whereabouts in the parish you live.  All comments will be circulated to members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and will not be personalised if published on the website.


Tandridge District Council designated the area of Tatsfield Parish as a neighbourhood area  in June 2017 (see the map of the designated areaOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReader),.


 Our Draft Vision:

In 2033, Tatsfield will have retained its strong community spirit and will continue to provide an excellent quality of life for residents, visitors and those who work in the parish. Appropriate new development will have been provided to meet the needs of the local community whilst retaining the parish’s semi-rural character and separate identity. The parish’s functioning village centre will have been strengthened and valued local services and facilities will have been maintained and improved.

Our Draft Objectives:

To support our vision, the Neighbourhood Plan has the following objectives:


  1. To make provision for sufficient new and affordable homes to meet the needs of the local community and encourage a balanced and diverse community
  2. To improve the health and vitality of the parish and ensure the needs of residents and visitors are met through retaining, supporting and improving the parish’s abundant and diverse local community facilities, services and assets
  3. To improve the provision of sustainable forms of transport
  4. To bring about improvements to the parish’s road network and parking provision in the village centre
  5. To strengthen and develop the parish’s functioning village centre
  6. To ensure that new development is supported by the necessary infrastructure


  1. To ensure new development retains Tatsfield’s unique sense of identity, physical separation and responds to its diverse built environment
  2. To ensure that new development encourages a balanced and mixed community and is appropriate and proportionate to the scale and semi-rural character of the parish.
    1. To maintain and improve the parish’s valued green infrastructure network and informal public spaces linking the village to the surrounding countryside
    2. To preserve and enhance the Parish’s landscape setting, protecting views into and out of the village and promoting greater connectivity to the Surrey Hills AONB.
    3. To preserve and enhance the parish’s valued natural environment, habitats and biodiversity  


     1.  To support and grow the parish’s local economy and ensure the specific needs of the parish’s local businesses are met


Planning areas. There are six areas which include:

     1 Environment/open spaces

      This area will look at how we protect and enhance the environment, woodlands, meadows, landscapes, open views (area of outstanding beauty), bio diversity and wildlife as well as how we preserve the historic heritage and environment of the village.

     2 Built Environment 

      This area will look at the Planning systems to achieve High-quality design, sustainability, consistent with the established character of the village and landscaped in a way that is consistent with our rural aspect.

     3 Housing and Planning 

     This area will look at the location and range of housing we need to plan for to meet the needs of the current community. The team will cover areas such as the mix of housing to meet the needs of older residents for down-sizing, younger residents looking for the first home, and affordable houses for lower income earners; and invite land owners in the parish to offer potential plots they would like to be considered for development

     4 Travel and Infrastructure (e.g. Travel and Transport - roads, parking, digital economy, Information and Communication) 

      This area will look at how we improve the local infrastructure, roads, public transport, utilities, drainage, digital connectivity, improvements to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other traffic. Mike and his team will also look at how we improve availability of village parking, improve facilities for people with disabilities (and other ailments eg Dementia) – potential paving with Surrey CC adopting jointly used access roads in the village

     5 Local Economy (Local Businesses, Shops and Services) 

     This area will look at how we support local businesses in retail, agriculture, home working and service industries, Promote opportunities for local employment. Nuture home based businesses and home working

     6 Community Facilities (Sports, recreational, School, Police, Church, Village Hall, Clubs, Village amenities etc)

     This area will look at how we maintain and enhance the recreational, cultural, religious and charitable activities. The team will also look at protecting and expanding the acquisition of community driven assets such as woodlands, meadows, sports grounds and other community assets, supporting community energy projects and the provision of a vibrant local sporting facility.






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