The Parish Council, (the third level of elected local government and not to be confused with a Parochial Church Council which has only ecclesiastical powers) meets on the second Monday of each month, except in August, in the Aileen McHugo Building behind the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.  Supplementary meetings, usually to discuss planning applications, are usually held on the fourth Monday of each month. Details are posted on our home page.


All meetings are held in public and there are opportunities for the public to ask questions.  Tatsfield pioneered the 'public five minutes' sessions more than half a century ago.


The Parish Council owns the Village Hall and the Aileen McHugo Building (which contains a Meeting Room) as well as Tatsfield and Westmore Greens and other pieces of land in the village. 


The Council is consulted by Tandridge District Council and Surrey County Council on planning applications, footpaths and rights of way in general and on other matters of concern to Tatsfield residents. 


The parish element of the Council Tax supports these activities and allows the Parish Council to make grants to local organisations and to outside bodies whose activities benefit Tatsfield.  The Council can also initiate activity and borrow money to be used for other purposes within the village.



The area code for Tatsfield is 01959


Kim Jennings - Tel: 577328 or 07951 072326 -

David Pinchin - Tel: 541212 or 07712 835838 -

Stephen Mittins - Tel: 07515 895873 -

Alex Davies - Tel: 07967 864235 -

Jason Syrett - Tel: 07881  900690 -

Ashley Clifton - Tel: 07793 0077233 -

Ian Hayman - Tel: 07956 606735 -




Samantha Head, 33 Alexandra Road, Warlingham CR6 9DW Tel: 07483 337461 or click to email


Parish Council Committees 2017/18

Finance Committee : Members  - Kim Jennings, Stephen Mittins, Alex Davies and Jason Syrett

Parish Land Committee: Members -  N/A

Emergency committee (as detailed in item 4.6 of the Financial Regulations 2016:  Kim Jennings and Alex Davies