Set up in September 1998, Tandridge Village Pre-School has built on and expanded the excellent foundation for pre-school education started by the Tandridge playgroup.

Everything we do is child centred and we place a big emphasis on learning and development through play. 

All the children’s activities are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, EYFS. Every term we introduce a number of learning themes. These vary year by year and will be tailored to suit the interests of the children at the pre-school.

Our older children will start to prepare for their move to 'big' school and so we begin to introduce elements of school life into their activities.

Tandridge Village Pre-School has charitable status and is run by a parent management committee. 

We are a member of the Pre-School Alliance and are also registered and approved by Surrey County Council, complying with all the regulations laid down by the Children Act of 1989.