Tandridge Village Pre-School policies, are available for any parent/carer to read and/or discuss with the committee officers or manager at any time. They can be found via the links below or in the Village Hall on the front entrance hall table.

Current policies include:

  Accident, incident and home-time book procedure

•  Administering medicines policy

  Admissions policy

  Arrival and departure of children policy

  Babysitting Policy

  Behaviour management policy

•  Calling for emergency help procedure

•  Code of conduct – TVPS staff policy

  Committee Induction Policy

  Communicable diseases and exclusion timetables 

  Complaints procedure

  Confidentiality policy

  Curriculum policy

  Data Protection Policy

•  Emergency closures Policy

  Employment of Ex-Offenders Policy

  Equality of opportunity Policy

  Equipment & Resources Policy

  Failure to Collect / Missing Child procedure
  Fire Procedure
•  Food hygiene policy
  Going Outside procedure
•  Group snack bar procedure
•  Health and hygiene policy
•  Health and hygiene procedure
•  Health and safety policy
•  Health and safety policy – Appendix 1
•  Health and safety policy – Appendix 2
•  Key worker policy
•  Management of Flu pandemic procedure
•  Medication health care plan proceedure
•  Notification of changes policy
•  Parental involvement policy
•  Record keeping policy
•  Risk assessment policy
•  Safe storage policy
•  Safeguarding children policy
•  Safeguarding against bruising in children that are not independently mobile policy
•  Safeguarding children procedure – in the event of suspected child abuse or neglect
•  Safeguarding children policy – mobile phones, cameras and social networking
•  SEN policy
•  Settling into Pre-School policy
•  Staffing Appraisal policy
•  Staff Induction policy
  Staffing & Employment policy
  Student Placement policy
  Supervision policy
  Toileting Policy

All policies are reviewed and updated regularly.