Various Scams  
Don't get caught out by scams
Most of us at some time or another receive letters, telephone calls and text messages from people we have never heard of before saying we have won a prize or offering us large amounts of money for hardly any effort.  These approaches are almost certainly scams designed to get you to part with either money, bank details or other personal information about yourself. 

Don't allow yourself to be drawn in by promises of wealth, lavish goods or exotic holidays.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Scams come in all shapes and sizes:

"You are guaranteed a prize of up to £50,000, to claim this please send us a £5 processing fee"

"We are holding a shipment for you, please send £25 to have this released"

"I am a clairvoyant and I can offer good luck to you personally in exchange for £10

"We are in possession of 20 million US Dollars and we want you to help us get it out of the country, for which you will receive a 20% share"

"Earn £50,000 a month working from home, it couldn't be easier"

The list could go on and on - there is a scam for everyone.

If you think you may be the victim of a scam or you require further advice on scams contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506

For further useful information on scams go to the scams pages of the Office of Fair trading website

The links below will take you to pages offering advice on specific scams:

How to recognise a scam (leaflet produced by the Office of Fair Trading pdf 500 kb)

Identity Theft

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