Spelthorne's Sunbury Flood Volunteers

Spelthorne's Sunbury Flood Volunteers 

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Spelthorne’s Sunbury Flood Volunteers was founded on Facebook 10/02/2014 in response to the continuing local flooding. As well as running the local flood resource center at St Mary’s Parish Lower Sunbury, we coordinated a lot of groundwork including sand bagging removal of household goods to storage etc.

We have helped over 150 residents and over 70 household with cleaning and removal of slurry from their properties, to filling in repair and renew grants, moving residents back into their homes, the work is still ongoing.
We are currently removing debris from our local water ways.

Spelthorne's Sunbury Flood Volunteers/Rescue Unit has been developing for 12 months to provide initial training to individuals in Module 1 Water Awareness safety.
SSFV have also successfully completed level 5 water incident management a 4 day component for managers responsible for a team, responsible for management and co-ordination, health and safety, liaison with team leaders regarding tasking and welfare.

SSFV’s aim is to provide trained Flood Emergency Responders who will be able to respond to a flood emergency and provide support within that local flooded community. In the recent flood some people were isolated for more than 7 days even though the flood water wasn't very deep. . Unfortunately the response available was by people who were poorly equipped and untrained for the role they were given. Trained Flood Emergency Responders would have been able to visit the local residents simply to reassure them about the situation and to provide logistical support.

SSFV will supply free training for volunteers who would like to join a Emergancy Flood Response Unit in the Spelthorne area.

We believe that the evidence for the need for properly trained Flood Rescue Responders is fairly obvious. The need for more people to be trained around the Country is also evidenced within DEFRA documentation including the Flood Rescue Concept of Operations.
The Pitt Review clearly demonstrates the need for Flood Rescue Teams and the benefits that these teams will provide.
After the recent local flooding an obvious need has arisen for more rescue/humanitarian aid services on the ground.

If you are interested in joining us or would like more information on either clean up or Rescue volunteers please email Alison sunburysos@outlook.com

We are now in the process of registering as an official charity! So, we need your help.....we need to raise £5,000.  If you think you can help, please do get in touch for any information you may require, or,  if you would just like to make a donation to help us achieve our goals, then please use the link below.




Whatever help you can afford us, be it physical or a donation, we value it greatly, so in eager anticipation.....Thank You!




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