The St. Luke’s Patient Participation Group (PPG) is concerned with the provision of health services to patients of St Luke’s Surgery.

Major statutory changes that came into effect in April 2013 mean the Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is now responsible for some fifty per cent of the overall healthcare budget including district general hospitals. The Board comprises doctors, specialists, nurses, managers and lay representatives who are working to provide quality healthcare for all.

The PPG aims to

  • help patients of St Luke’ Surgery make best use of existing health services;
  • help service providers (surgery, CCG, local hospitals) maintain and where possible improve those services.

The main ways in which the PPG may be able to help are raising patients’ awareness of existing services and providing feedback to providers

  • by making better use of the existing means of two-way communication (newsletters, questionnaires, meetings);
  • by suggesting and where appropriate implementing additional means of communication.

We need your input in two ways.

  • If you have views, good or bad, concerning your healthcare please let us know through the Practice Manager who will then ensure that your comments are on the agenda for the next meeting of the PPG.
  • Currently the group consists of a very few interested lay people working entirely voluntarily.   The group’s viability and effectiveness can only be maintained by increasing the membership and that is where you can help by volunteering to join the group, which meets once every two months for no more than two hours.

Some of the volunteers currently on the group have been serving the community for around eight years and some are overdue for retirement.  If new members cannot be found then there is a distinct possibility that the group will have to close down, thus losing a valuable conduit between patients, doctors and the CCG.  You may think that the PPG is irrelevant to you.  It may seem so at the moment but the time may come when it could prove extremely helpful.  In the meantime why not help to ensure its continuation by getting in touch with Antony Gunn, the new Practice Manager, with a view to joining the group: Antony Gunn (antony.gunn@nhs.net).

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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