Spelthorne Community Arts Association can award grants.

Grant application form can be download from:


In order to apply for a grant, groups must be affiliated to the Spelthorne Community Arts Association.  Affiliation is £10 per annum, due after April 1st. If your group wishes to be affiliated, please send a cheque for £10 made payable to Spelthorne Community Arts Association to Mrs Jill Britton, 17 Brownrigg Road, Ashford, MIddlesex, TW15 2TL.


The criteria for grants are:

1.       Each application will be considered on its merits

2.       Grants are made in accordance with the aims of the Association as defined in the Constitution.  The Association does not have the resources to subsidise the day to day operation of clubs and societies.  Therefore, except in exceptional circumstances, grants are made to provide the societies with capital equipment and to help them finance events of benefit to the inhabitants of the Borough at large.

3.       Applicants must be affiliated members of the Association.  They must accompany their application with a certified copy of their accounts for the previous year and a statement of their current balance.  The Treasurer must have an opportunity to study these prior to the next committee meeting.

4.       In assessing the merits of an application the following factors will be considered, together with any others which may be relevant in the circumstances:

4.1               The extent to which the proposal will assist the applicant to further the objects of the Association, for the benefit of the members of the society, for the benefit of other affiliated societies and for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Borough.

4.2               The extent to which the proposal can be achieved by other means

4.3               The current state of the society’s resources

4.4               The efforts the society has made to help itself, having regard to its size and character.