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…is the newsletter published quarterly by the Residents’ Association. One edition per year is distributed to all residents in Onslow Village, the others are distributed to OVRA members only. See here for 'News' on the Latest Edition.     see also Previous Editions


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2nd October for the Autumn Edition

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Village Voice - Previous Editions

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Issue 42 VV Autumn 2015

Issue 43 VV Winter 2015-6

Issue 44 VV Spring 2016

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Issue 46 VV Autumn 2016

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Issue 48 VV Spring 2017

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Issue 51 VV Winter 2017- 2018

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Issue 55 VV Winter 2018- 2019

Issue 56 VV Spring 2019

Issue 57 VV Summer 2019

Issue 58 VV Autumn 2019

Isuue 59 VV Winter 2019-2020