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28 June 15. Blackwell Farm (A26) 



















Petition for the disclosure of the model defining the housing needs used for the Local Plan


Ben Paton has created a petition to get GBC to disclose the arithmetic model which is being used to create the housing need figures for the borough. These housing needs drive the LOCAL PLAN housing requirement and it is amazing that it is withheld from public scrutiny - especially as GBC keep saying they want community consultation on the Local Plan. The petition can be accessed at....

The Local Plan - recommended reading.....

The Guildford Residents Association - GRA - have created three short factual papers listed below and made these available to our Councillors with the following important note "The facts and figures contained in these papers reflect  our current understanding and if they are incorrect or new data are available, we would welcome being informed of this".    Click on these to read them.

GRA - Housing Paper

GRA Comments on Housing

GRA - Transport Infrastructure Paper

GRA - University Paper 


Reference: 15/P/01317    Location:  University of Surrey, Manor Park, Guildford, GU2 7XH 

Proposal: Removal of condition 13 of planning consent 02/P/02505, approved 17/05/2004, preventing the university from providing or funding parking  space provision for persons attending, visiting or working at the university, other than within the Stag Hill campus and the application site. Variation of condition 12 of planning application 02/P/02505 approved 17/04/04 to allow an increase in car parking spaces up to 2418.

Contact : Lisa Botha ( Direct Line 01483 444324, EMail  )

The above application which may be inspected at the GBC offices between the hours of 8.30 am and 5.00 pm Mondays to Thursdays or between the hours of 8.30 am and 4.30 pm on Fridays. Alternatively, applications can also be viewed online at

Should you wish to make any observations of this application, please write to this office by 13th August. It would be helpful if you could quote the above reference number on any correspondence.

Under the provisions of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, any representations you wish to make are available for inspection by the public.  

Save the Hog's Back petition request.....

Signing takes less than a minute - not signing & it could be lost for ever....

"If you haven't done so already, please sign up at or via the Save Hogs Back website: and spread the word among your family and friends."


 GBC  Parks and Leisure Service.....

.........arranged a series of meetings relating to funding they have for the Recreation Ground Play Area. OVRA attended. We already have litter problems and blocked access paths to the gates in the Arboretum as concerns. If you have other concerns or issues you want raised please let us know via the contacts page or direct to a committee member.

New play area coming soon

The Recreation Ground Refurbished Play Area

The tender for the new playground on Onslow Recreation Ground has now been advertised. The closing date for contractors to return their tenders is 7th March following which there will be a public exhibition in April and works will commence in May with a view to completion by the start of the school Summer holidays.

If you would like further information about how the project is progressing or when the consultation for the playground plan is ready, please send us your email address or visit....

our website : and search for playgrounds

email : or Tel : 01483 444718 

 Your Representatives

         Councillor Jon Askew    Liberal Democrat

cLink to details of Councillor David Goodwin    Counillor David Goodwin     Liberal Democrats

    Councillor Will Salmon      Liberal Democrats


        Rt Hon Angela Richardson MP

There are proposals for development of this area that we should all be aware of. Watch this space, involve your neighbours and express your views.


OVRA – Your Residents' Association and

its involvement in local planning.

We need your views. Currently OVRA is one of 20 local Residents Associations aligned to and supporting the Guildford Resident's Association (GRA).

The GRA hold regular meetings to assess and form a collective opinion on the changes being proposed in the area and to understand the mechanism that determines the direction of these proposals. This is a complicated and fluid process. It also has its own library of acronyms and jargon as you would expect which requires representatives with specific knowledge and experience in the subject. Therefore, a few of your fellow OVRA members are investing considerable time and effort to ensure that YOU have an informed representative on the GRA. OVRA also makes its' share of the contributions to the GRA which enables the GRA to function - hiring meeting rooms etc.

Now for YOUR say. Were you aware that OVRA were doing this? Do you want OVRA to continue in this role and remain an active contributor on the GRA? Do you know what is being proposed and who to ask if you want to know? Please let us have your feedback on these issues by contacting committee members or using the website contacts link.


GRA - Guildford Residents Association   OVRA supports the GRA   see


Guildford Borough Council are still compiling (with your help) a new Local Plan which will set out the vision for the borough and the approach to development between now and 2031. The plan will look at finding positive solutions for the growth needed including providing enough jobs, new homes, improving transport and creating better local facilities.

Why does Guildford need a new Local Plan?   As more people live and work here, pressure is growing on local housing, services and infrastructure.

For the latest on the GBC planning and consultation process - see more at  and here

How you can get involved?  At  you can......

Save the Hogsback  see

Invest in Surrey / Surrey Connects

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