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The Village Hall and its Car Park.

We have added to the Village Hall section of the website a note stating that OVRA does not manage the Village Hall or its Car Park. The Village Hall car park is hired by those booking the Hall and for this and insurance reasons the Onslow Village Hall Management Committee can not authorise its use by the general public. The Hall Committee liaise with interested parties on parking issues.

The Village Voice

The Village Voice Summer2018 Newsletter is now being delivered to member households in the Village. If you want ALL the Newletters you need to be a member of OVRA and it costs very little for the whole household to join - see Membership

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Its a good time of year to think about those passing on the outside of your boundary hedge (and mention it to your neighbours if their hedge is a problem). Do the public have full access to the Roads and Paths for themselves and their pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.If you are adversely affected and need to report a problem go to

Guildford and Surrey Online News  and or if you are willing to sign up and its free try


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