Community Matters


From time to time we are asked if we can do something about the potholes/weeds in the road/litter/Grit Bins etc etc.  The answer, basically, is no, for the following reason.

You may be surprised to know that OVRA counts as just one voice in the Village. The only way that a complaint is likely to be taken seriously is if everybody complains.

So... just keep complaining.  If it's more effort to deal with the complaints than to deal with the problem, something might just get done.

Before you complain though there are list of reported problems at and a site to lodge your complaint at

However, if you do complain, it might help to let us know. We can pass the word around that there is a problem and other people might join in. You can also use

Here is a list of addresses to deal with the most common problems.

If your complaint falls under some general category not mentioned below let us know and we will try to find contact details to add to this list:


Surrey Police

Your Neighbourhood Team Onslow & University

Surrey CRIMESTOPPERS  0800 555 111    Call anonymously with information about crimes


Guildford Dragon

Surrey Advertiser  Get Surrey 

Planning Applications

To search for planning applications in your area go to:

Fly tipping

Go to:


Try....... is a not-for-profit website that allows neighbours to share bicycles, lawn mowers, tents and tools. In fact, anything that might prove useful to someone else.

Abandoned vehicles

Go to:


Go to:

Dog Warden

Go to:

Grit Bins Empty/Broken

This is a matter for Surrey County Council, not Guildford.

SCC says:

“All grit bins are checked and filled prior to the start of the winter season in the third week of October. A further single mid-season refill will be undertaken following snow, only once resources become available from clearing the priority 1 and 2 networks and other affected emergency responses such as pothole repair.
No adhoc [sic] re-filling will be undertaken.”      – SCC: Frequently asked questions - gritting

So if it snows more than twice in one year you've had it. Sorry.

If you don't think that's good enough, contact your councillor.


This is also a matter for Surrey County Council.


From time to time you will find that a pothole gets a ring drawn round it. After that it should be fixed within 28 days.  If this fails to happen, you can request information from SCC for a progress report (fun!).

SCC says:

“Potholes that have been marked have been inspected by a SCC Officer and are then prioritised for repair based on the size, depth and potential hazard for road users. Dependent on this, potholes will be repaired from within one working day to 28 days.”– SCC: Reporting defects and potholes on the road

See also


for other SCC matters.


This is a contentious issue.  All residents have a duty to ensure that their trees and hedges do not encroach upon public space, particularly if it impedes a public right-of-way.

In principle, if they do not do so, the Council has a right to come and cut their hedges for them and charge them for the privilege.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that: If you think there is a problem, a few gentle words will often do the trick.

UK Power Networks - they deliver our electricity. click here

They work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep your lights on. However sometimes faults occur so it’s worth keeping their contact details somewhere safe. Tel 0800 31 63 105 or 0333 32 32 105 (if calling from a mobile)   email or Text POWER and your postcode to 80876.