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The following lists OVRA events for 2019

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Sat  22  Feb

Fun Feb Quiz      Social

Tue  10   March

AGM and The Foundling Hospital Museum




Sun 12 April

Easter Egg Hunt

Tue 14 April

The Gates of Guildford



Tue 12 May

The Great Barn at Wanborough and its connections through history

Stephen Callender

Tue 9 June

A Sign of the Times

Chris Shaw

Sun 5 July

Onslow Village Centenary Celebrations

Tue 14 July

The Story of Forces Broadcasting and Family Favourites

Alan Grace

 Wed  5  August 

 Trip to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 

Tue 8 Sept

Life on a Harp String

Margaret Watson

Tue 10 Nov  The History of Christmas at Polesden Lacey and Margaret Greville's Background  Anne Cattermole   
Tue 1 Dec 1st Living Advent Window switched on    
Tue 12 Jan  Knowing Two British Eccentrics - John Betjeman and James Herriot's Partner Susan Howe  
Tue 9 March AGM and Presentation    




All events are held in Onslow Village Hall Wilderness Road unless otherwise noted.