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The following lists OVRA events for 2019 & 2020

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Tue 14 May

Art in the Lyons Tea Shops

Neville Lyons
Tue 4 June

Councillor’s Presentation for OVRA

Tue 11 June

Painshill Park.

The Story of a Landscape 

Graham Dash 
Tue  9 July Fast Women Fast Track 

Tim Morris 

Tue  10 Sept The Quakers and The Chocolate Makers  Jean Anderson 
Sat  TBD  October 

Social To be Announced

Tue 26 Nov Christmas Traditions

Andy Thomas

      2020 OVRA Centinary Starts  
Tue  14 Jan  Sandhurst Military Academy 

John Sandy 

 Sat 23   Feb

Social To be Announced

Tue 10   March AGM and The Foundling Hospital Museum 


Anne-Marie Craven 

Tue  14 April The Gates of Guildford

Colin Rumary 




All events are held in Onslow Village Hall Wilderness Road unless otherwise noted.