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On-street parking enforcement is the responsibility of Surrey County Council (SCC). In Tandridge district, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is commissioned by SCC to deliver parking enforcement services.


In recent months, we have become aware of a number of on-street parking enforcement issues across the district and have been working with SCC to agree a solution.


This includes reaching in-principle agreement with SCC for the delivery of on-street parking enforcement to come back to Tandridge District Council. We feel this absolutely makes sense as we can then ensure a more responsive service is provided that deals with local issues.


At present, we are modelling a number of delivery options and we will be asking SCC to agree our proposals in the autumn. This will hopefully see a new service in place for next year.


We are really keen to work with Parish Councils as we develop options for a new service. We know that Parish Councils are best-placed to understand local issues we are keen to hear your thoughts about the current service and t you would like to see a new service deliver.


After initial conversations, some of the key issues being raised include:


  • General non-compliance
  • Lack of churn of parking spaces
  • Poor and inconsiderate parking near schools
  • Double yellow lines not being enforced


A number of Parish Councils have also expressed a desire to be able to ‘top up’ parking enforcement services to deal with specific, local issues.


We would be grateful if Parishes could complete the questionnaire below and return to Nikki Tagg, Project Specialist at policy@tandridge.gov.uk by 19 September 2018.


If you would prefer to discuss your answers in person, or would like to discuss your answers in greater detail with TDC, please contact us. You can also find out more about our on-street parking review on our website.


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G Dessent

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  1. What is your overall view of on-street enforcement within your Parish? Do you think the current level of enforcement is sufficient?  


No. Most of Limpsfield parish is green belt and on-street parking enforcement is generally not an issue, but in the non-green belt area, in or near Oxted town centre and in Limpsfield High Street, parking enforcement is non-existent or at best sporadic.



  1. Are there any specific areas / streets in your Parish where you think the current level of enforcement is not sufficient? Please provide details where possible.


Limpsfield High Street, parking on double yellow lines, parking on pavements, parking on public footpaths, existing parking restrictions and general observance of Highway Code are not enforced


Station Road East lack of enforcement of existing on-street parking restrictions. Certain areas of Station Road East (outside HSBC) do not have the necessary parking notices displayed, which means that vehicles are parked there all day without any enforcement.


Granville Road, Gresham Road and Detillens Lane (east and west ends), existing on-street parking restrictions are not properly enforced. Cars are regularly parked in these roads during the restricted period.




  1. A number of Parish Councils have expressed a desire to be able to ‘top up’ parking enforcement services to deal with specific, local issues. Is this something your Parish Council would be interested in? Please provide details where possible.


The Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan makes specific reference to better parking enforcement on pages 42 and 48 of the document. LPC would in principle be prepared to contribute to the cost of extra on-street parking enforcement in the parish, this being dependent on the level of extra enforcement proposed, the cost and the performance monitoring process agreed.





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