WHAT WILL GO IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN ? Neighbourhood planning allows local residents and businesses to create their own planning policies in a formal plan that reflects their priorities , deivers tangible local benefits and has real weight in planning decsions, ensuring Limpsfield moves forward the way residents wish it to. It is also likely to set out other priorties for action in the Parish. 


WHAT HAS HAPPENED SO FAR ? We were designated as a 'Neighbourhood Area' by Tandridge District Council on 15 June 2015. A Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been mobilised and met 40 times . A pre-subsmission  draft document has been produced, consulted on. and re-drafted into the submission version . For full details of this reg 16 (submission version) and the supporting documents - see the Neighbourhood Plan website : Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan


COMMUNITY ASSETS - an important part of the Neighbourhood Plan is the full list of community assets Limpsfield Community Assests


AECOM HERITAGE AND CHARACTER STUDY - one of the other key pieces of evidence is the Character and Heritage Struy, which is shown in the 3 links below:

                                                                               Limpsfield Heritage and Character Assessment - AECOM - Part 1 

                                                                               Limpsfield Heritage and Character Assessment - AECOM - Part 2

                                                                               Limpsfield Heritage and Character Assessment - AECOM - Part 3


STOP PRESS:  The Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan has now been assessed by the Government examiner. He has asked for some amendments              and subject to these,  he is content for the plan to move to a Referendum.  See  Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan