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Applicant: Europa Oil and Gas plc Proposed Site: Bury Hill Wood, Coldharbour Lane, Holmwood (incorrect, it is in the Coldharbour Ward of Capel Parish), Surrey, RH5 6HN

1st Application Planning Reference number: 2008/0169 Approved with multiple Conditions

2nd Application Planning Reference number2014/082 Approved

Appeal Reference number: APP/B3600/A/11/2166561/NWF

Extra Applications for Further Industrialisation (Including Perimeter Fencing, Extra Buildings and Extended Periods)

3rd Application Planning Reference number2016/0170 Approved

4th Application Planning Reference number2016/0232 In Consultation

5th Application Planning Reference number2017/0001 In Consultation

Condition Applications

Condition Applications in Consultation:

Condition 192017/0027

Traffic Management Scheme.  In Consultation

Approved Condition Applications:

Condition 82017/0028 

Noise monitoring plan.  Approved

Condition 92016/0132 

Ecological Monitoring and Management Plan.  Approved

Condition 11: 2016/0104 

Light Management Plan.  Approved

Conditions 7, 12, 21, 22, 23: 2016/0103 

7: Dust Suppression Scheme.  12: Method Statement for the geochemical baseline soil testing.  21:  Details of a Method of Construction / Reinstatement Statement.  22: Measures necessary to keep the public highway clean.  23: Details of in-cab cameras / CCTV.  All approved.

Condition 14: 2016/0194 

Landscape and Restoration Plan.  Approved

Condition 152016/0151 

Scheme of Groundwater and Surface Water Baseline Quality and Monitoring.  Approved.

Condition 182017/0024

Traffic survey and safety audit.   Approved

Condition 20 (i)2017/0117

Pre development condition survey of the road.  Approved

Condition 20 (ii): 2016/0193 

Pre and post development condition survey (method statement).  Approved