Thanks to continuous lobbying LHAG have successfully used the legal process to stop, for now, the application for material further industrialisation (including fencing over an 18-week period) that Europa applied for last October.  This is a major victory and makes Europa's path forward difficult, although it certainly isn't the end of the story for them or even for this extra industrialisation.  We watch to see what they will do next. The controversial planning application has accordingly been removed from the agenda for Wednesday March 22nd planning and regulatory committee meeting and can not be heard again until at least May 2017.

09:43, 20 Mar 2017 by Stuart McLachlan

The SoS has ruled in favour of the decision by SCC, prompted by LHAG, that the 4th fencing application is EIA development and will require a huge amount of extra information to be supplied by the applicant to support it. This may well have a knock-on effect on the 3rd application as well.

09:12, 21 Feb 2017 by Stuart McLachlan

The applicant wished to install the reptile fence, detailed in the original application, 3 weeks before the commencement of the 18 weeks agreed duration. This will of course be objected to by LHAG as it is direct contravention to Condition 4.

09:15, 10 Feb 2017 by Stuart McLachlan