Members' adverts and Notices 

Accommodation needed for overseas students For over 18 years Guildford Homestay has been matching visiting international students and their teachers with host-families who provide an evening meal and overnight accommodation. So, if you have a spare bedroom, it would be a great opportunity to spend time with European students, help with their education and understanding of English and also earn some tax free income. Please call G. 533448 for more inform

Puppy Parents: At Canine Partners charity we train assistance dogs to help people with disabilities become more independent by training dogs to open and close doors, undress and dress partners, pick up dropped items, take cards from cash points, hand over money to a cashier and call for help in an emergency. 
We are looking for puppy parents in the Surrey area and have puppies aged around eight weeks ready to be loved and socialised. All puppy parents will receive training and all expenses will be covered including puppy food, toys, equipment and vets costs.   Ring Laura  01730 716052 / 07469148684 for further details. 

Guildford Spike WI:    It meets 7.30pm-9.30pm on the first  Thursday of each month.
£5 guest admission fee is refunded if you join.

The Guildford Union Workhouse Casuals Ward, locally known as The Spike, is open for tours on Tuesdays and  Saturdays between 10 and 4.  The Spike Community Centre has rooms available for private and corporate functions.  Call  01483 598420 for more information."

Bridge: Have you ever thought of playing (more) Bridge? The variety of challenges posed by dealing with 13 cards out of 52 is quite amazing. If you might like to learn, or to develop your skills, or simply play more, contact Mike Clements (by email or phone 505982).