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milkhouse gate

Milkhouse Court landscaped (see below)

Without HTAG...There would have been some avoidable blots on the landscape.  Ever since 1971, HTAG has examined all planning applications affecting the neighbourhood and the town’s conservation area.  Whenever the proposals have been unsuitable, it has made well-argued cases for modifying or rejecting them.  And HTAG has encouraged and supported GBC’s efforts to enforce and strengthen its planning guidelines.  Because of HTAG...


  • Milkhouse Court was landscaped.  Litter was cleared from neglected sites.  The traffic islands at the top and bottom of Bright Hill were enhanced. Trees in the neighbourhood were surveyed and protected by preservation orders.  Local children were given out-of-hours access to HolyTrinitySchool’s play area.
  • Improved street lighting and signposting were secured, and (after 30 years of trying) a safe crossing was created at the top of Bright Hill.  A residents parking scheme was introduced.
  • There have been social events every year, some raising funds for local good causes: coffee mornings, a bridge circle, picnics, rambles, garden open days, theatre visits, barn dances, carol singing, quiz nights, canal boat and coach trips.

 What is HTAG?

 Holy Trinity Amenity Group is your neighbourhood association, formed to look after the interests of residents of the ward of Holy Trinity in central Guildford.  It acts as guardian and promoter of local amenities by fostering a sense of community in the area; understanding the likely effects of proposals for change, and making residents aware of them; canvassing residents for their views, and making these known to the relevant decision-making bodies.

 What area does HTAG cover?

 While HTAG’s interests extend more widely, particularly to the town centre, its membership covers that part of Holy Trinity Ward closest to the town centre (but east of the Shalford Road and south of the High Street).  For more precise detail, please see the map  If the issues of concern to HTAG have an impact on adjacent residents associations, it coordinates its activities with them through its membership of the East Guildford Residents Association (EGRA).

 What is HTAG currently up to?

 Of course we take great interest in potential changes within the HTAG area: in particular, redevelopment of Bright Hill car park and the nearby buildings (the Adult Education Centre in Sydenham Road and the old Basket Works beside Poyle Terrace). Little space is left in our area for more dwellings; the streets of small Victorian houses must be considered as ‘full up’. In Guildford generally, our main need is for ‘affordable’ housing, particularly modest 2/3 bedroom family homes; housing targets should be based on the town’s own evolving needs, and we oppose its disproportionate expansion. 

  •  We also keep a close eye on developments in the town centre, which is the source of many of our local amenities. We believe that the expansion of the town centre boundary into our residential area is undesirable, and that the relentless pursuit of retail growth will compromise the quality of the town for everybody; we shall continue to press for a more sustainable approach.We support pavement cafés which enliven pedestrian areas, but believe that their occupation of these areas should be seasonal only and not become not a permanent extension of their premises. We have joined with others to urge the Council to open up the rear entrance to Guildford House, to make the attractive courtyard, shop and café more used.
  • We wish HTAG to evolve so that it meets residents' needs and expectations.Social activities have traditionally been an important part of what we do: what would our residents like to see HTAG organise and promote (and would be willing to help with organising!)?
  • On all these matters, please make your views known by joining us or e-mailing us (see contacts page).

How does HTAG operate?

  • It issues a quarterly newsletter, distributed by its Road Representatives to households in their areas.
  • Its Social Committee organises and promotes social events for all ages throughout the year, including Coffee Mornings, Gardens Open Day, May Day Ramble, River Trip, Summer Outing, and Music Evenings.
  • Its Planning Committee meets fortnightly to examine planning and other proposals.  It publicises those having an impact on the area in the newsletter and alerts Road Representatives to them.
  • Road Representatives maintain contact with local residents.  They meet as a group four times a year to pool information and propose actions that HTAG might take.  They collect the membership fees which HTAG needs in order to function.
  • Information and proposals put forward by Road Representatives are reviewed by HTAG’s committee of elected officers.  Where appropriate it makes representations and if necessary mounts campaigns.

We hope that you agree HTAG is worth preserving, because ...

 Now HTAG needs YOU

 Join us and help us help this locality.  The annual household subscription is just £2.00.  To join, complete the application form and return it with your subscription to your Road Representative or simply email htagchairman@gmail

Get involved... we need ‘new blood’Several of our committee members have served for a long time – for their health and HTAG’s we need new people to take over.  Naturally, all the outgoing officers would provide their successors with as much support as they required – and butt out if it was not!  In particular we need:

  • A new Planning Secretary.  Bob Bromham has declared that this year must be his last.  The Planning Committee in principle meets once a fortnight but, with plans now available online, issues can sometimes be dealt with by email instead.  Its work is of prime importance, since it enables HTAG to consult widely and then to influence development in a positive way.

And we are always on the lookout for people to share the work of the Road Representatives, who are absolutely essential to HTAG.  In addition to delivering a newsletter four times a year and collecting the annual subscriptions, they act as our local eyes and ears, finding out what concerns the residents in their areas.  They are invited to four meetings a year, held in the evening, at which they can find out what is going on locally, can voice concerns raised by their members, and make suggestions for social activities – and meet lots of other people from the Holy Trinity ward.


If you are interested please email htagchairman@gmail.com

A Personal View
by Jean BridgerJean Bridger

1970 was a year when major developments were taking place in Guildford and the town was described by a Council Officer as a "building site ready for redevelopment".

In 1971 concerned residents in our Holy Trinity Area put out a flyer suggesting that an Amenity Group could be formed if there was sufficient interest. About 80 people turned up at the Friends' Meeting House and HTAG was fledged.

The aim was to form a group that would be non-political and non-sectarian. It would be run by a small group of officers and Road Representatives  who would meet quarterly to decide policy.

All planning applications for our area, which borders roughly the Pewley Area and Charlotteville, Warwicks Bench and the High Street, would be inspected regularly and, when appropriate, representations would be made to the Council. Small domestic extensions are not included as they are generally a matter for neighbours to settle.

HTAG is respected by the Council as a moderate and well balanced group, and we are consulted regularly on important developments in the town. We take pains to inspect all planning applications in the High Street for shop fronts and advertisements. We comment on unsuitable proposals and back up the admirable guidelines that the council produces.

Apart from all this, a very important part of HTAG's function is to encourage a community spirit. To this end we hold regular coffee mornings, rambles, open garden days, carol singing, theatre outings and outings for our "seniors".

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