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HTAG Road Reps and Members Meeting, Thurs June 8th, The Keep. 

 Our next meeting is on Thursday June 8th – election day! So don't get bogged down with too much politics, come to The Keep where we have arranged for a guest speaker who can open our eyes to a side of Guildford we didn't know about. Diana Roberts, head of Guildford Tourist Information Centre is coming to enlighten us about what is on locally and where to find out about it. There is a lot on over the coming months covering a multitude of activities and entertainments so come along and find out about the local scene (as well as the usual agenda reports and discussion).


 7.00 for 7.30 p.m. on Thursday June 8th 2017.To be held in the upstairs room of The Keep, Castle St.

Refreshments and food available downstairs


1.      What's on in Guildford. The local scene of entertainment, events, activities and more. Diana Roberts,          Guildford Tourist Information Centre
2.      Apologies
3.      Minutes of the Meeting of March 2017
4.      Matters Arising
5.     Social Secretary’s Report6.      Planning Report
7.     GRA report
8.     Town Centre report
9.     Treasurer’s Report
10.    Facebook (HTAG Guildford) and Website
11.    Road Reps update

Proposed dates of next meetings:

25th September

5th December (AGM).