When you add a picture to a page, the standard setting means that at most, only a single line of text will appear next to it. The rest of the text on the page will appear above or below the picture. This can look very odd. It is more normal to have the text flow around the picture either to the left or to the right of it as shown below:

Images on 3 pages: normal, text wrapped right, text wrapped left

This is quite simple to do and can be applied to pictures already on your page or when you add new pictures.

HINT: You may want to also add a margin to your images - this will put some blank space between the picture and text making it easier to read.


To wrap text around a picture already on your page:

  1. Open the page for editing
  2. Click on the picture that you want the text to wrap around. 
  3. Click the insert/edit picture button.
    Insert/edit image button
  4. The insert/edit image box will appear on the screen. Click the appearance tab.
    Image browse button
  5. Click the alignment drop-down menu and select either left or right depending on which side of the page you want the picture to be placed.
    The alignment control for images
  6. Click the insert button. 


To wrap text around a new picture:

Add the picture as normal but before clicking the insert button, click on the appearance tab and change the alignment options as described above.


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