If you don't already use the noticeboard application (or the weblog application - it works just the same), you could turn it into a sophisticated updates page for your website.

This is a slightly unconventional use for the application but it would allow you to:

  • have a page to highlight and publicise new content or changes to your site
  • keep a record of your updates which can be browsed by date
  • make your updates available as an RSS feed - this will allow anyone who has a feed reader to automatically keep up-to-date with your changes. Many browsers such as Firefox or Safari have built-in feed readers.

This approach covers both your regular visitors as well as people who only visit your site occasionally.


How does it work?

When you add a new entry to your updates page, anyone who has subscribed to the RSS feed will see the entry in their feed reader.  It's an effective way of making sure people who are interested in your site are kept up-to-date with your news.

The page will usually show your four most recent updates. As you add more entries, the older ones are removed from the page. Visitors can use the calendar on the right to see the older entries.

To encourage your visitors to make use of the RSS feed, you may want to point them to the help for site visitors below. You can either link to the pages or copy the text from the pages and add it to a page on your own site.


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