The editor has a spell checker that you can use to check your pages before you publish them.

Unlike the spell checker in some word processors and web browsers, the editor's spell checker doesn't work automatically - you need to click the spell check button to make it work.

Remember that using the spell checker is not a substitute for proof reading your pages. The spell checker will only identify words that have been misspelt, it can't spot words that have been used incorrectly (for example, if you type your instead of you're or there instead of their).


How to check the spelling on a page

  • Click the spell checker button. spellchecker button
  • The editor will take a moment to review the page and will then underline any words that it doesn't recognise.
  • Click on any underlined word to see a list of suggested alternatives. You can click any word in the list to swap it with the one on the page.