The problem

If you add an image that is wider than 430 pixels to the images folder of your assets library, the system will automatically resize it to 430 pixels wide.

Normally this is a good thing as it makes sure the image will fit correctly on your page. However, in some circumstances, you may want to use your original sized image on your page.

Note that using very large images may break the layout of your page or cause it to display slowly for visitors.

The solution

There are two workarounds for this. Either:

  • Add the picture to your page as normal but don't click the insert button at the end of the process.
  • Click in the Image URL box and add ?attr=image_orig to the end of the text. For example, if the text was:

    then you should change it to:
  • Click the insert button.

    In general, this is the best method for most circumstances.


  • When you first add the image to the assets library, add it to your data folder not the images folder - the image will then be stored full size. Note though that if you then want to add the image to a page, you'll have to manually enter the url for it (you won't be able to select it by using the browse button). You can find the url on the image's index tab in the asset library. This second method is generally only best if you are referring to the image in your own css (custom theme) or are adding html directly to your page.


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