Sometimes you may want to get rid of a page on your website (for example, if it is out of date or you have replaced it with a new page).

There are two ways that you can do this. You can either unpublish your page (to temporarily remove it from your site) or you can delete it.


How to unpublish a page

  • Go to your site admin page
  • Click on the content management tab and then content
    Content management tab - content option 
  • In the site map on the left of the screen, click the name of the page that you want to delete
    The site map
  • The right side of the screen will update to show that page's details.
  • Click the publish tab
  • Click the take offline now link
  • The page is now no longer available on your site. You can make it available again by opening the page for editing and clicking the save and publish button.


How to delete a page

  • Open the page for editing
  • Click the edit tab
  • Click the delete button
  • A box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the page. Click OK. The page will be moved to the trash (at the bottom of the site map) and will no longer be available to visitors to your site. If you change your mind, you can restore the deleted page back to your site.

Note: There is an Empty Trash button beneath the Trash section. If you click this, all of the items currently stored in Trash are permanently deleted. This is useful if you have a lot of old pages in the Trash but use it with care - once you empty the Trash, any pages that were in it are gone for good and cannot be restored.