When you log in to your website, you will see a row of four buttons at the top right of each page on your website (these buttons only appear when you are logged in and they are only visible to you — visitors to your website can't see them).

  Buttons in the new system

The first button, the quick edit button, is designed to allow you to make quick, simple changes to your webpages. These changes are immediately published to your website.

For more complex changes, or if you want to make changes but not publish them immediately, you should use the edit this page button instead which gives you access to the full set of editing features.


Using Quick Edit to make changes

  • Make sure that you have logged in to your site (if you haven't, go to your site and click the login link at the top of any page on your website)
  • Go to the page that you want to edit
  • Click the Quick edit button
  • The screen will update to show you a simplified editing page.

 The quick edit screen

This simplified editing page allows you to do four things. You can:

  • Change or update the page title
    Type your new title into the full title box at the top of the screen.  
  • Choose to hide or display the page title
    Answer Yes or No as appropriate to the question show title in full page view at the bottom of the screen.  
  • Update the text and pictures on the page
    Use the editor in the middle of the page to add or change the content of your page.
  • Change the settings for any includelets used on the page
    Click the edit parameters button to change the settings of an includelet
     (not all includelets have settings that can be changed)

When you have finished editing, clicking on the Save and publish button at the bottom will update your website with your edited page.

Remember! Any changes you make using quick edit are published immediately. If you want to edit a page without publishing it (for example, if your changes are going to take a few days to complete), you should use the edit this page button instead. This will allow you to save your changes but not update the website until they are complete.