You can add some blank space around pictures on your page. This is helpful if you wrap the text around the pictures on your page - by adding some space around the pictures, it makes it easier to read the text.

You can also add a border around the picture. You may find this helpful if the background of your picture is similar to the colour of your page. 

How to add a margin or border around a picture already on your page

  • Open the page for editing
  • Click on the picture that you want add a margin or border to. 
  • Click the insert/edit picture button.
    Insert/edit image button
  • The insert/edit image box will appear on the screen. Click the appearance tab.Image browse button
  • Specify how many pixels of blank space you want above and below the picture by entering a value into the vertical space box (between 5 and 10 is usually a reasonable number).
  • Specify how many pixels you want to the left and right of the picture by entering a value into the horizontal space box.
  • Specify the thickness of the border by entering a value in the border box (leave this blank to have no border).
  • Click the insert button. 


To add a margin or border around around a new picture:

Add the picture as normal but before clicking the insert button, click on the appearance tab and change the margin and border options as described above.


Advanced tips

You'll notice that when you enter values into the advanced tab, that the system automatically adds some text into the style box at the bottom. This is the CSS code that controls the layout of your picture and is based on the values you entered in the other boxes.

If you understand CSS, you can edit this or enter your own code here. This can allow you to fine-tune the margins or position of the picture or change the style of your border. 

You can find out more about editing CSS by searching online for CSS tutorials.