You can use folders to organise your albums by keeping those of a similar subject in the same place. For example, you might create folders according to date; "2009 photos", "2010 photos" etc. Or you might create folders for particular subjects "Our members", "Our events" etc.

You can create folders within other folders, allowing you to create a structure that makes it easy for your visitors to find what they're looking for. For example, if you had a "2010 photos" folder you might further divide it by creating folders inside it for "January", "February" etc.


To add a folder

  • Go to your photo album. (If you want to create a folder within another folder, you should go to that specific folder.)
  • Click on the Add Folder button.
  • Give the folder a name. This is displayed in two places; beneath the folder icon and also at the top of the folder's page.
  • Optionally add a description. This is also displayed beneath the folder icon and at the top of the album's page (just beneath the folder's name in both cases).
  • Click OK.

The folder will be immediately added to your photo album and available to visitors.


How the name and description are displayed

The folder name and description are shown like this on the folder icon:

The position of the folder icon text

The name and description are shown like this on the folder's page:

The position of text on the folder page