It's easy to add the photo album application to your site but it also adds some extra responsibilities for you as the site administrator.

You are unlikely to run into difficulties with your photo album. However, it's important that you understand what issues might affect you and your site before you add the photo album.


The issues

When you add the photo album application, it is set up so that you and any members of your site, can add photos to it.

This is a great way to encourage members to participate in your site. However, you may want to control what your members can add for two reasons:

  • You may want to use the photo album for a particular purpose or to display specific pictures. For example if you want to use the photo album to display pictures of your group's activities, you might not want members adding pictures of their holidays, their pets etc.
  • As the site administrator, you are responsible for all of the content of your site, including anything added by your members. You may feel more comfortable restricting who can add photos to the album to administrators or specific members of your site.


What you need to do

If you allow people to join your site and become members, you should decide whether you want to allow them to be able to add their own pictures to the photo album.

If you don't want to allow members to add photos, you can change the settings to control who can add photos.

If you do want to allow members to add their own photos, you'll need to make sure that their pictures don't break our terms and conditions of use. This doesn't mean that you have to check every picture before it is added, but you should keep an eye on the photo album and be prepared to remove anything that is unacceptable.

The type of pictures that are likely to be unacceptable include:

  • Copyright pictures (unless you have permission to use them)
  • Pictures containing offensive content
  • Pictures containing illegal content

You may find it helpful to provide some guidance on your site for your members so they know what is acceptable and the action that you will take for unacceptable pictures. Guidance can also help your members know what kind of pictures you do want added - for example, if you are a gardening club you might want members to add pictures of their own gardens or of famous gardens they have visited.