has a system that lets you control what people are allowed to do on your site. This is the permissions system.

All sites start with their permissions set to standard settings. These are designed to:

  • allow all visitors to view your site.
  • allow people registered with and members of your site to interact with applications you have added (such as discussion forums).
  • prevent people from making unauthorised changes to your site.

It's worth knowing that the majority of sites on run well with the standard permission settings and never need to alter them. However, you can change the settings or override them for specific parts of your site if you want to. For example, you could set the permissions so that:

  • only your members can read a particular section of your site
  • certain people can upload pictures to your gallery whilst others can only view them
  • some discussions on your discussion forum are limited to a particular group of people

Much of the permissions system relies upon people registering with and joining your site. Before using it, you should read the section on managing membership of your site as well as the pages below.


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