Whenever you publish a new version of your page, the old version is automatically stored by the system. These older versions are called revisions. You can view previous revisions of your pages and if necessary, revert to them.

This can be useful if for example you want to make a temporary change to a page - you can quickly revert back to the previous version once the need for the change is over.


To view or revert to a previous revision

  • Open the page for editing
  • The ten most recent revisions are listed at the top right of the edit tab. 
  • Click on the revision you want to view. The edit tab will update to show that revision.
  • If you want to revert to that version of the page, click on the save and publish button. The revision will replace the current version of your page and will now be listed as the most recent revision.

If the revision that you want to view or use is older than the ten most recent, you can see all of the revisions for the page by clicking on the publishing tab.