If you need to make change to a page (or folder or news story) on your site, you'll need to open it for editing. There are two ways to do this. Use whichever you prefer (or use both!)


  • Go to your site admin page.
  • Click on the content management tab and then content

    Content management tab 
  • In the site map on the left, click the name of the page that you want to edit.

    Site map   
  • The page's details will appear on the right of the screen.
  • Click the edit tab. You can now edit your page.

    Edit tab 


  • Go to your website
  • Click the login link at the top of the page and enter your email and password when prompted. You'll be returned back to your website.
  • Go to the page on your website that you want to edit
  • Click the Edit this page button. You can now edit your page.