The problem

You have been sent an email asking you to approve a new member of your website.


The solution

All sites can be set up to allow people to join them. This allows you to offer extra features on your site for members such as discussion forums, calendars and member-only areas.

If your SurreyCommunity site was set up before October 2011, it will automatically display a link allowing people to apply to join your site. If your site was set up after this, the link isn't shown. In either case, you can choose to show or hide the link at any time by changing the membership policy of your site.

If a visitor clicks on the link they can apply to become a member of your website and the system will automatically send you an email asking you to approve their application.

It is up to you whether you approve or reject new members. Any administrator of your site can approve or reject applications to join your site (it's quite straight forward and takes about 2 minutes to do).

If you don't want people to be able to join your site, you can change the membership policy of your site to private. This will stop new people from being able to apply to be members but you'll still have to deal with any that have already applied.


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