You can move pages, folders or news stories from one part of your site to another. You might do this because you want to reorganise your site to make room for new materials or to make it easier to use. You may also need to do it if you accidentally add an item to the wrong part of your site.


Before you move anything

Before you move anything, there are two things that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, if you move an item that has items beneath it, those items will be moved as well. In the example below, if you moved Folder 2 then News 1 and News 2 would be moved as well.

Example of folders in the site map

Secondly, when you move an item its address changes (this is because the address is based on where the item is in the site). This means that links that lead to that item may be broken when you move it.  

The system will automatically update some links for you but the others you'll need to update yourself. If you move items, make sure you allow time to update any broken links (you can use the broken links report to find these).


Links updated by the system
Links you have to update
  • Links in your navigation menu
  • Links in crumb trails
  • Links in includelets (such as the child list or filtered items list) 
  • Links that you have added in the text of a page
  • Links that are on other sites (you'll probably have to contact the site and ask them to update the link)


To move a page, folder or news story

  • Open the page (or folder/news story) that you want to move.
  • Click the cut button.
  • Open the page (or folder/news story) that you want the item to be placed underneath
  • Click the paste item here button.

To show how this would work in practice, if in the example below you wanted to move News 2 from Folder 2 to Folder 3, you would do it like so:

  • Open News 2 for editing
  • Click the cut button
  • Open Folder 3 for editing
  • Click the paste item here button

Example of moving pages in the site map