Your sites automatically includes a leave feedback link that people can use to contact you.

However, this is not the only way that you can get feedback from your visitors. Here are some other ideas:


Add the leave feedback link anywhere on your page

The leave feedback link normally appears at the bottom of your page and can be easy to miss. To make it more prominent, you can add extra links to the feedback form anywhere on your pages.

The feedback form is just another page on your website and linking to it is very similar to adding a link to any other page.

  • Open the page for editing
  • Select the text that you want to be a link to the feedback form (click and drag your mouse across the text)
  • Click the add/edit link button
  • In the Link URL box type the address of your homepage with /feedback/ added at the end.

    For example if your site's homepage is: the address for your feedback form would be:

    or if your homepage address was address of your feedback form would be: 

  • Click the insert button.

If you want people to be taken to a specific page after they have submitted the form (for example, you may want to have a page with a thank you message), you can do this by adding ?thankyou_url= and the address of the thank you page to the end of the link.

For example, if the address of the page that you want displayed after the form is submitted is:

 then the address that you would use for your form would be:


Other ways of getting feedback

The standard feedback form only allows messages of up to 100 words. If you want people to be able to send longer messages, you can add a simple contact form to any page on your site. This is quick and easy to do and, because the form is actually on the page, it encourages people to fill it in. 

You could take this one step further and create a page called feedback or contact us and add the contact form to it (you may also want to include your other contact details on this page). You could include this page in your site's navigation menu to make it easy for your visitors to find it. We use this method and you can see our contact us page here.

If you want a more complex form (for example if you want to ask your visitors specific questions) you can use the form builder application to create it and then link to it from any page on your site.

The polls and surveys applications are also useful ways of getting feedback from your visitors about specific things (polls are better for simple questions, surveys are more suited to longer or more detailed feedback)