To edit or update your website, you need to go to your site admin page. 

All of the controls for making changes to your website can be reached from your site admin page. It is the starting point for most of the tasks that you'll need to carry out.

You can only see your site admin page when you are logged in to your website - visitors to your site can't see it.


To go to your site admin page

  • Go to your website.
  • Click the Login link at the top of the page (if you are already logged in, this link will be replaced with a logout link and you can skip to the last instruction below)
  • On the new page that appears, enter your email address and password and click the OK button
  • You will be taken back to your website. There will now be some buttons displaying on your page; Edit page, Manage website, Help. Depending on the theme that your site uses, these will appear either at the top right of the page or the bottom left.
  • Click the Manage website button and you will be taken to your site admin page.

Once you have logged in to your site, you will remain logged in until either:

  • You log out by clicking the logout link (you'll find this at the top of your web pages). For security, you should always log out when you have finished working on your site.
  • The system detects no activity for 30 minutes. For security, the system will then automatically log you out and you will need to login again. 

IMPORTANT: editing pages in the editor doesn't register as activity. This means that when you are editing pages, it's a good idea to save them every few minutes. This keeps you logged in (as the system recognises saving the page as being activity). It also means that should anything unexpected happen (for example if your computer crashes or your internet connection drops) you'll only lose a few minutes' work.