Layouts and includelets illustrationWhen you create or update a page you will usually use the editor's edit tab to make the changes. However, you can also use the layout tab to change the structure and add content to your page.


What can you do with the layout tab?

This tab allows you to do two things:

  • control how your page is divided into columns. Depending on the appearance theme that you use for your site, you can have one, two or three columns.
  • add small snippets of content called includelets to the columns on your page. Many includelets can automatically generate or update their content and are an effective way to add changing information to your page. For example, you could add an includelet to display a list of your latest news stories or events and this would automatically update every time you add a new event or news story to your site.


What does the layout tab look like?

When you look at the layout tab, you will see a number of green columns. These represent different areas on your page. Any includelets that you have added to the page will be listed in the appropriate columns.

The content column is the central column on your page. All pages have a content column. Depending on the layout you choose, you may also see left and right columns as well (see the page describing the available layouts for more details). 

There are also two columns that don't appear on your page - the trash and scratch columns. You use these to remove or hide includelets that you no longer want.

The layout tab and columns

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