is an email newsletter tool designed specifically for community groups, and has been developed by a company in Woking in partnership with Woking Association for Voluntary Service.

If you want people to be able to subscribe to your newsletters from your SurreyCommunity site, you can add a sign-up form to any of your pages.


Add a sign-up form

For this, you are going to have to copy some code from the site to your SurreyCommunity site. It is easiest to do this if you have both sites open in your browser

  1. On the site, create your mailing list. As long as the mailing list isn't private, you will be given the option to generate some code that you can add to your SurreyCommunity site.
  2. Click the Generate code button. Two boxes of code will appear below the button.
    Generate code button on the site
  3. Copy the code from the top box only. Make sure that you copy it all (otherwise your form won't work!)
  4. On your SurreyCommunity site, open for editing the page that you want to add the form to.
  5. Click at the top of the page.
  6. Click the Embed Code button. A box will appear.
    Embed code button in the SurreyCommunity editor

  7. Paste the code into the box and click the Insert button. This has added the first bit of code to the top of your page. You won't see any changes to your page yet.
  8. Return to the site and this time copy the code from the bottom box only. Again, make sure to copy it all.
  9. Return to your page on SurreyCommunity and click at the point where you want to the form to appear on your page.
  10. Click the Embed Code button and paste the code into the box that appears.
  11. Click the Insert button. In the editor, you will now see a large blank area on your page - this is where the form will appear when people view the page.
  12. Click Save to store the changes or Save and publish to store them and make them appear on your site.

For advanced users

If you are comfortable using includelets, a slightly better way to add your sign up form is to use two raw html includelets.

You would add one before your main content. This should contain the top box of code from the site.

You would add the other at the appropriate part of your page where you want the form to appear. This should contain the bottom box of code from the site.

If you want the form to appear somewhere in the middle of your page, you can use custom includelets to add page content below the raw html includelet.

The advantage of this method is that you can't accidentally edit the code for the sign-up form when editing the other content on your page.