What are folders?

Folders are essentially pages with one extra feature; a folder can automatically list and link to the items (pages, folders and news stories) that are directly beneath it. 

You can work with folders just like pages.  For example, you can edit, move or delete them in exactly the same way as you would for a page (for simplicity, most instructions in the help normally refer just to pages but are applicable to folders and news stories as well).

Why use folders?

You can use folders to organise your site but you don't have to - pages will work just as well. 

The automatic list of links to items beneath the folder can be helpful when you have a site with lots of content or content that changes frequently.

As you add or remove items, this list is automatically updated to reflect the current content of your site - you don't have to update it yourself. This can be a big timesaver.

We have used a folder for this page and the list of links below has been automatically created by the system.


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