The problem

When you work on your site, the system keeps asking you to login.

The system is designed to only allow you to edit your site when you are logged in. This prevents unauthorised people from editing your site. If the system detects that you are inactive for a period of time (approximately 30 minutes) then it will automatically log you out as a security precaution.

Currently the system will not register the time you spend in the editor as activity. This means that if you spend longer than 30 minutes editing a page, you may be asked to login when you try and save it.


The solution

If you are being logged out when you try to save pages that you have edited

Make sure that you click the save button every 5 minutes or so. This stores a copy of the page and will register as activity ensuring that the system keeps you logged in. 


If you are frequently being asked to login when you are not editing pages

There can be several causes of this. 

  • Check that the clock on your computer is set correctly. If it is set to the wrong date or time this can prevent you from being able to login correctly.
  • Logout from and and clear any cookies from your browser
  • Logout from and clear your browser cache.