The problem

There are details showing on your home page that don't appear in the editor and you can't remove or change them.


The solution

When your website is first set up, a home page is created for you. Some details from your application form (such as a description of your group and contact details) may be automatically added to the home page. However, these can't be edited in the usual way.

The details are added using something called includelets (these are small pieces of information that can be added to pages). It is possible to edit the includelets or to remove them completely.


To change the details shown on your home page

  • Go to your site admin page
  • Click on site settings then organisation details
  • Click the edit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Change the details as necessary and when you are finished click the OK button at the bottom of the screen

The changes will be immediately applied to your website.


To remove the automatically added details from your home page

  • Go to your site admin page
  • Click on the content management tab
    content management tab 
  • Click on your home page listed in the site map on the left of the screen (it will be the first item in the list)
  • Click the layout tab
    The layout tab 
  • If the yellow area at the top of the tab has the message Create a new revision to make changes you should click on it. (If this message isn't showing, you can carry on to the next step).
  • The screen will show three green columns. Items in the content column on the left will display on your home page. If you hover your mouse over the items in the column, a small yellow rectangle will appear, giving you more information about that item.
    Includelets in the layout tab 
  • You can remove items by dragging them from the content column to either the scratch column (to hide them) or the trash column (to permanently remove them).

What to remove:

  • Don't remove the first includelet (labelled content item). This contains any text and pictures that you add to the page - if you remove it you won't be able to add or edit words and pictures on the page.
  • The includelets labelled Community info contain the details from your application form. Depending on how you filled in the form, there may be several of these here, each one displaying a different detail (such as address, phone number, email address etc). You can remove any of these that you want to.
  • You may also see other includelets here labelled News and Community calendar. These will display news and events on your home page if you use the the events calendar or news stories (if you use neither of these, then they won't affect your home page). You can remove these if you want to.


For more information see:

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